The Open Source Digital Microfilm Scanner For The Masses

Newspapers, census records and other documents take up too much space to store. To address that accessibility problem, libraries have copied them onto microfilm which requiring expensive equipment to read. Further reducing accessibility, readers and parts to repair them are no longer being manufactured and libraries are quickly reducing the number of working microfilm readers they have. Although much effort has been done to digitize books, enormous amounts of records are still only on microfilm and risk becoming inaccessible.

This is designed to be built by anyone with the skills to build a desktop PC using only standard interchangeable parts that will likely still be actively manufactured in 20 years.


Optics Problem

Currently, the main problem is finding a lense that will properly magnify the microfilm to be read by a digital camera (CCD, CMOS, etc...)

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AGPLv1 - GPLv2 with ASP loophole